How To Download And Install KIK Messenger On Windows PC

Most of the smartphone users know that KIK is the best messenger for messaging and chatting. This app is available to install on iOS and Android phones. However, here we will talk about to use the same app in Windows PC. Officially, this app is not available to download in the PC version. No need to worry as there is a bypass way, which will help you a lot to download and Install KIK for Windows PC. Those users who do not have Android or iOS devices with them, they can easily use the KIK messenger through their PC only.  The primary way to use KIK messenger in Windows is via BlueStacks Android emulator. This emulator helps you to run any Android app very easily without any further need.

Kik messenger was first introduced in 2009 with the inventions of students from University of Waterloo. This messaging app comes under the social networking app to be used easily on Android and iOS smartphone. It also listed among the best and cool messenger app until now. Besides chatting, the user can able to share files like images, music, videos and more through this app. In this topic, we are going to talk about the methods to download and install KIK for Windows PC. Along with it, the features of Kik messenger will also get discussed in this topic only. Without taking more time let us have a look at the information which is given below.

Step By Step Guide To Download And Install KIK For Windows PC:

As we already inform you that for running Kik messenger in Windows PC it is necessary to have an Android Emulator on your PC. There are many emulators present in the web to download for PC. However, we strongly recommend the Blue Stacks emulator as it is very much popular and secured to use for any users. So let us have a look at the procedure to download and install Kik Messenger for Windows.

  • At first, you need to keep your PC ready with Windows Operating System version 7 or later. Moreover, make sure that your PC having Intel core2 Duo processors with 2GB RAM for install thing that app easily. If you have met with these requirements, then connect your PC with good internet connection and open your web browser. Type in the URL and search for download the Blue Stacks application on Windows PC. Once you have the search result, click on the official site of Blue Stacks to download it on your PC. Wait for the browser to complete the download process, and thus the file will be saved on your PC.
  • After completing the download process open the file from the download folder or the location where you have saved this file. Double click on the Blue Stacks installation file and it will start the installation wizard there. Now follow up the on-screen information to complete the installation of Blue Stacks on your PC. When the installation process is completed, you need to run or launch this app on your PC. After launching the Blue Stacks app, you need to sign in to the app using your Google ID to complete it set up the process, which is mandatory.
  • Hope you have installed the Blue Stacks on your PC successfully. Now again open the web browser and again search for the Kik Messenger Apk to download on your PC. If you downloaded the Apk in your phone then transfer it on your PC. Otherwise, wait for the file to get the download through a browser on your PC. Once the download has been completed, now it is the time to install on your PC.
  • Open the Kik messenger Apk file, right click on it, and choose open with Blue Stacks emulator. The Kik messenger will start to install in the Blue Stacks app automatically. After installation has been completed, the app will create one shortcut on the home screen of the Blue Stacks emulator. From that shortcut, you can launch the messenger and follow the on-screen information to set up your messenger.
  • Once the set-up has been completed, now it is ready to start to chat with your contacts who currently using the Kik messenger. So you are now ready to start using your Kik Messenger for PC.

Features of KIK Messenger For Windows PC:

Before using the Kik messenger in your Windows system, it is required to know about the features of this app completely. So, have a look on the below points to know the features of Kik Messenger for PC.

  1. This app is very much safe and secured to keep connected with your friends and family members.
  2. You can easily share files with other contacts insubordinate to chanting and messaging.
  3. It comes with the inbuilt browser where you can share URL during a chat.
  4. The user interface of this app is very much friendly and simple to use.
  5. There is no cost to use this app and you need not spend a single penny in it.
  6. You need not use the mobile number to register for using this app.
  7. In comparison to other messaging apps, the performance of Kik messenger is very well.
  8. You can use this app on iOS related devices, Android phones, and now in Windows PC using blue stacks emulator.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: What is KIK?

A: Kik is a messenger, which is basically used to chat with friends, colleagues, family members, and others. Around you, it helps to connect every people with each other through this app.

Q: What is BlueStacks?

A: BlueStacks is an Android Emulator to run Android applications on Windows PC. You need to install it on your PC at first to run the Kik Messenger in PC.

Q: Is Kik Messenger supported by default on Windows PC?         

A: No, by default Kik messenger is not available for Windows. You need to use the Android emulator with Kik Messenger Apk for run in on Windows PC.

Q: Which devices do Kik Support?

A: Kik Messenger is supported by default in Android, iOS and Windows Phones.

Q: Which version of Windows OS in PC needed to install Kik via Blue Stacks?

A: You can use Windows 7 or later OS to run the Kik Messenger easily on your PC.

Q: How much is the cost to use Kik Messenger?

A: Until now, the Kick Messenger is completely free to download, install and use in your devices.


That is all about the information to download and install KIK for Windows PC. Hope you all are satisfied with the information given here about KIK messenger for PC. Besides the download and installation steps, we also listed out the features of KIK Messenger. So these are all the basic information about this app that you need to know. If you also want to run this app on your PC then follow up the above steps and apply the same now.  You can also share this information with your friends if they need the same app to use on their Windows PC. Feel free and download this app on your system to experience it more at all.